Robert D. Courtney Family Law Specialist

Board Certified Since 1984


Robert D. (Bob) Courtney, Board Certified Family Law Specialist

Most families these days are affected, at one time or another, by legal issues concerning either their children or their marriage relationship. When they need advice and legal representation in a family law matter, they have to search for a competent, respected, and accessible Family Law attorney to help them. Your search is now over!

The Law Office of Bob Courtney is a professional and client-friendly environment where you will feel comfortable and assured that your case is fully understood and addressed by an experienced and understanding attorney.

Bob Courtney knows how devastating a divorce or custody case can be on the parties and, particularly, their children. Creating solutions to these cases, rather than creating more problems or hostilities, is the key to a successful resolution of the case for our 
clients. We will litigate these cases, either before a judge or jury, if necessary to protect our clients' rights. Our clients' best interest is always our greatest priority. We keep our clients fully informed of the status of their case. 

What does it mean to be board certified? The State Bar of Texas requires that you pass an extensive exam in Austin, spend a considerable amount of your time every year practicing Family Law, and remain current on Family Law through continuing legal education in order to be certified and re-certified every five years. Bob Courtney has been certified and re-certified by the State Bar of Texas five times in the past 20 years as a Family Law Specialist. 

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